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Some companies rely on outside agencies to edit their work so you may wait weeks or even months for your Blu-ray or DVD.

Graham Video provides an individual comprehensive service under my personal supervision throughout all stages, from the initial discussion with the bridal couple to the production of the finished Blu-ray/DVD in a personalised presentation case.

While discretely and unobtrusively filming your wedding, I am already planning the final production based on my knowledge of your personal tastes and preferences. Once your Wedding Experience has been captured in full HD on one of our Sony Professional cameras, it will be processed and edited in-house using our state-of-the-art editing suite. We use industry leading hardware and software, currently Adobe CS5 and Matrox MX02 max, to ensure that the highest quality is delivered to you in your choice of either Blu-ray or DVD.

I start the main edit as soon as possible while the impressions of the day are fresh and vivid to ensure the finished production truly represents your special day. Provided you have given me all the necessary information, you can look forward to viewing your finished Blu-ray or DVD within days of your wedding.