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We have experience of working in a wide variety of settings - a sample of which is listed below. Please contact Graham Video to discuss your requirements.

Training/ Promotional Films

We can come to your premises to film production processes, demonstrations of skills or techniques, conduct interviews, etc., which can then be edited with or without voice-over and provided on DVD/ Blu-ray in appropriate individualised presentation case for training or promotional purposes in whatever quantities are required. We have produced training and promotional films for HSBC, Zen Beauty, Tiso, Seagate, Gore, Schlumberger and others.


Your conference can be filmed and broadcast live to those unable to attend or transmitted to another part of the building via video-link (2-4 cameras). The film can then be produced in DVD or Blu-ray format or on-line on a secure site for future viewing.


Any event, indoor or outdoor, can be recorded according to your requirements. The film edited with natural sound, music or voice-over, the completed DVD/ Blu-ray delivered to you in an individualised presentation case.
Some examples:
Religious or non-Religious Services
Christenings/ Blessings/ Naming Ceremonies
First Holy Communions/ Confirmations
Award Ceremonies - Schumberger, Diagio, Dianne Ward
Passing-out parades - Fire Service, Army
Sporting Competitions
Theatrical Productions
Show Reels

Other Services
MP4 to video/DVD
SDcard to video/DVD
Video to DVD
Enhanced copies of old photographs

Whatever medium your memories are recorded on we can preserve them by transfer to DVD with or without editing, titles and music.